The Dent to Peace


We make efforts in life to resolve what we believe can be resolvable, i honestly believe that our leaders and governments are not putting much more effort to resolve the best that the masses want. Leaders and governments have ignored the much needed effort to negotiate peace and have put such masses that vote them into power in danger, the world is where it is today because we are just egocentric people, our leaders and governments use the rights of the people to satisfy their ambitions, peace is a must at all times, however our leaders and governments think otherwise. The problem the world faces today is not unrest, what the world’s problem is, is the lake of leaders who lead the masses out of destruction both in say and in action, most of our leaders are good in talking and can not say anything about what they believe in. Peace has been a necessity to a lot of our leaders throughout the globe, it has come as nothing but something that we can live without and that mistake has cost the world today billions if not trillions of life. Leaders and governments start making peace a priority hence the world may experience a wipe out, start repairing that little dent that you as leaders and governments have caused to peace, so our world can be safer once again.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on Pakistani hit by a second attack, 09/08/13


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