Productive Love


A lot of us have abused the term love and have used that term as a form of manipulating others, as well as being a pain to others, may i just say love is a kind being and you do not contract him/her to make you hate, love is an understanding being, he/she is patient. You do not contract Love when you know you are impatient, love is a good thing and it is not to be used for selfish things it should not by any way be used for none productive purposes, ego in love is not productive because you as a person with ego you do not benefit anything out of ego except that it will make you hate which is out of  the production line of love, so if i can be genuine and honest i think a lot of us have been unproductive in love because we have all these other acts like Jealous following us, this has made us a people that think we are just normal. let love in its fullest be the center of our lifestyles, be blessed and be a blessing


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