Now or never Peace


Peace has its grips on the verge of the masses, it is however that the masses are in the verge of extinction themselves as the growing population of self seeking ambitious leaders and politicians become the boom of the day. Politicians and governments have more in this generation become the headlines of newspapers, headlines of news bulletins for advocating the opposite of peace, today politicians and government leaders are sitting around big round tables to discuss their egos than negotiate for peace, they have ignored the best interest of the people they save. Peace is now or never if our minds and efforts are invested in these tested weapons, Peace is now or never when our attitudes towards the masses interests are not analyzed and looked at, peace is a now or never story as long as our ideas are pulling horizontally to those of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on The UK, and the US pulling out their diplomats in fear of Al-Qaeda attacks 07/08/2013


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