Strength of Peace


We are a people that are governed by principle yet principle remains what we do not want to follow, our leaders and governments have failed to maintain principle of peace to the people, they have made life more unrealistic for the ordinary people. Thus to say today peace is hardly negotiated but talked more about, the best idea of peace is negotiating peace with the masses, understanding the will of the people, Leaders and politicians have to stop idolizing their desires in an effort for peace, this have made peace be unrealistic to the masses because such as our leaders have destroyed trust and made life unbearable to the masses. The strength of peace is based on the value that leaders and governments put on the will of the people, peace is a must at all times, peace and guns should never be the message, religion and guns should never be a method to expose peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the five Indian soldiers shot dead in Kashmir 06/08/13


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