Recipe of Love


Love is just not the desire to see, love is far beyond meeting and feeling happy, love is not what has been interpreted by shake-spear, yes there are so many words that edify love yet love has not been the subject that we talk more about. A lot of our relationships are without taste because we are out of touch with the actuality of love, the reality of love in relationships today has not yet shown, it is however that most people are found in infatuation and still believe that they are in love. You do not fall in love you get involved with love if you were to love somebody, this i say when you fall in love how do you wake up?/get out of what you have fallen into, that is when you hear such words as we broke up. How does this match you fall and then when its over you break? is it not supposed to be fall and break because you have fallen into something so you are fond to break when you fall, well i’m not a judge and not either a vocabulary best person to say such but just for us to be closer to what the reality and recipe of Love is, it gives, it forgives, it does not keep record of wrong, it is not selfish and it does not break when you are in it, lets all love one another in the reality of love, be blessed and be a blessing


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