Power of Peace


There are reasons in life to believe and there are reasons in life not to, a lot of our leaders in the world have chosen not to believe in what the people say and act in their own integrity, yes at times it works, but the will of the people is a must and a great way to respect peace. Peace is like a noble crown yet to be attained most of the leaders even in developed worlds have sought peace in other nations and sought to give other nations peace yet peace is not that far, peace is with the people. You may decide to ignore the voice of the masses by using whatever forces to cling to power but peace beacons and peace knocks at the door its near time that the will of the people have to manifest and when it manifest surely the people will march and sing this peace song, peace is only negotiable when the will of the people is the power to yield the result of peace in transparency.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Zimbabwean elections 01/08/2013


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