Flowing Love


Consistency seems to be a problem in most of our relationships as people, we fail to maintain the levels to which we start our relationships on, there is this hype when one falls in love, may i just say no one falls in love, this i say if love was a pit it would be full by now as there are many people falling in it. Love has to flow and there are ways to make it flow, simple way of making love flow is following the rules that is just simple, a lot of us can not maintain our love levels because we get in relationships in the name of love, not in love. Mind you. that if we all followed rules of love as love we all would be happy, we are where we are because we just can not follow simple rules, we want to make our own rules, remember love is kind, it gives, it forgives, it does not keep record of wrongs, it is simply caring, if you just follow those among the best rules of love surely i say you will flow in love, be blessed and be a blessing


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