Cultivated Success


Sometimes in life we see what we value most die, disappear or stolen from us, either way we feel disappointed and we wish at all times that we could have done something to prevent whatever may have happened to us at that particular time. It is such a good thing for you to have that feeling, but how many of us actually do something in turn to make what was bad look good in everyone’s eyes? Success is like a Garden it needs attention the more you give success attention the more successful you are, like a garden success needs to be cultivated, that idea/business you have it will not come to life without you bringing it to life, work on that idea/business see it working then everyone else will start to see it as you see it, a lot of us have ideas that have had one lough and they just forgot about it. I am so motivated today to talk to a businessman/woman, an entrepreneur and a business leader, go back to that idea, work on it harder make it work believe in it cultivate your thought about your business/idea, just make it work baby its yours take it, own it breath it and i am telling you everyone else will value what you value more than anything that has value. For me when all said and done you remember that for success to be evident its you, yes you who have to cultivate it 


2 thoughts on “Cultivated Success

    • Thank you for your comment and re-blogging this blog its an amazing thing that we are to gether as a people and we stand in the gap to inspire others, its such a great motivation that you re-blog such blogs as it shows the power we all have to change one another’s way of living. Thank you and i will forever be grateful and support you in your blogs as well. Love Edwin Mathe

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