Position of Peace


The truth lies with humanity, it is again that lies also lie with humanity, our leaders and governments have caused human beings to be enemies of one another like animals in the jungle, men have become heartless and is ever watching his/her back. The mandate for peace starts with leaders of political parties and governments, peace lies with the population knowing how to deal with differences that we all have in a civilized manner. There is no way peace can be available as long as there are forces that are opposed to it, that become so stronger than peace itself. We aught not to take sides as leaders if it all comes to peace, we are meant to bring all forces at loggerheads together for the sake of peace, thus to say peace stands still and it knows its position with the masses.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on David Cameroon’s statement on the Syrian conflict 21/07/13

Honored Success


Its very difficult at times as businessmen and women to find the real recipe for success, a lot of us may be scratching our heads trying to find the best way to improve our ideas and making them better. May i just address this with you, once you have decided that you are going to be successful there is no way you have to scratch your head to try and figure out how! when you are there, when you decide to be successful make sure its to your honor and you believe in it. Stop worrying start doing what will make your worries go, start honoring what you began and start moving with it, it cant move on its own you are the commander, you are the master of your business/idea so it should not worry you. That i call honored success, just work with it, work in it, honor it then and then you will get it in the right direction

Settled Peace


We are a people, we have our differences, yes our differences are meant to make us unique and stronger together, at most times when heat is much in the direction of those that may have been far from it, they begin to shift but those that where already in the heat makes it more funny to them why others are shifting/moving away. Peace is a factor for every benefactor, peace is like a crown the noble and willing gets it, peace is a born with thing that’s why one has to go through such a process to negotiate it. Leaders and governments today are busy trying to eradicate what could help them in the negotiations for peace, peace is about making those that are enemies allies towards building humanity, we have had our differences far too long and is it not time that our differences need to work for us in favor of peace? Peace is calmer in our shores and the masses truly know how to negotiate for settled peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Israel needing to free Palestinian prisoners for peace negotiations to resume 20/07/13

Brighter Success


There are darker days in a lot of us and these days no one seems to love talking about, businessmen/women, entrepreneurs and leaders berry their heads in the sand when such conversations start to take place, talking about darker days. Yes it is normal to talk about the darker days you have gone through so that you can be of help to someone that has just/nearly at the step you once took and it plunged you in that darkness in your idea/business. Success is bright and it is just us people that taint or paint it dark, this is because some of us have thought of great ideas but just because your fellow brother does not have that idea you have its somewhat useless to them, so be careful not to give a brighter idea to someone that has not seen one yet. I am sorry to say there are a lot of us who have not seen brighter ideas and have painted success with the wrong brush, your ideas have to be yours and your implementation of them have to be your power to push them, like a woman in labor she faces pain yet she still believe what i am pushing out has a brighter future, and its so exciting to have. Such is success your idea may pain someone or even pain you but do not let no one tell you otherwise, you thought about it you know how its going to come up, its bright and you are going to get it and paint it even more brighter that is success yes brighter success. If there is no other message that you can believe in, this should be the only one out of my blog for you to believe in push baby push, move baby move its brighter ahead, move businessman/woman move your business is about to come out of darkness just push

Consistent Love


There are times in my life i feel like giving up on the love issue, has anyone ever felt like that? it is normal in life that experiences in life turn you to think that love is the issue, when in the actual fact we as people are an issue. May i just help someone who is about to give up on love, love is a beautiful thing if you make it beautiful, poison that you want to drink right now is not about love but about someone who disappointed you in the name of love, listen this person no matter who he/she is did what they did in the name of love but not in love. My friend, my brother, my sister, my mother and my father love is a consistent thing its available to you even at that deadly hour, it is available to you even at that golden hour, so why do you cry over someone’s disappointment you still have your life to live, yes you have your heart to mend and live a great life in love not in the name of love, i know the toughest thing to do right now is forgive while you are carrying that bottle/powder to try and extinguish yourself out of this world, just take time put the bottle/powder down forgive yourself first and start healing those wounds believing that love in its form will not hurt you but people will in the name of love. Hope i have done the best in maintaining your level of faith in love and from now on you should live in love be constantly visiting your forgiveness gym, keep fit in your healing exercise, visit the love laboratory stay in it OK not outside of it and all this love surely will be in you, and both of you will form a consistent relationship, be blessed and be a blessing

Satellite Peace


Media has played a big role in making leaders and breaking them at the same time, this in the process is a human right obligation and a human right mandatory. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of information access, a lot of our governments have failed to make these available to the masses prompting the instability of countries they govern. The road map to peace can only be drawn when there is such freedoms on the table, it is however that our governments and leaders have turned such freedoms to their advantage to make them icons and celebrities at the expense of the masses. Peace is like a satellite it can not be stopped neither can it be termed, no matter the propaganda and forces that may force the peace information being spread the table for peace will be rolled and it is the masses that will sit and negotiate for peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Zimbabwe’s government saying it will protest over a pirate TV that will be launched and operating from South Africa 19/07/2013

Amored with Success


A lot of us today are so confused in our businesses as to what the economies of this world may have an impact in our businesses and ideas, may i just say a lot of this may be because of how uncertain we become even with our own-selves. This may be one of my best and loved blog of all times as i just want to show an entrepreneur, a businessmen/women and a business leader a vision of expansion at times when other businesses are cutting expenses, Success does not come while you worry start first armoring yourself and know that within you no matter how hard the economy may be, you are a sweet changing force that expand, first as a person in your home and implementing new tactics that will bring a balance in your old ones. That to me is called armored success you are untouchable in all fields even if the economy says otherwise.