Kind Love


A lot of us fight for what we think is right in our relationships, yet we never take time to notice the wrongs that we do towards one another, women amaze me a lot, once they are in a relationship they take all the reigns and think at all times that what they say should be what is to be considered in a relationship, my question then lies here, how on earth can a relationship be called a relationship when there is only one opinion in it, i have been called all names and i do accept it. Maybe because i am a wired person out there, i believe that love is kind at all times and it shares all opinions and not only one and not one that is believed to be the best in a relationship. Our relationships need not to have one person being selfish and taking credit for useless things and results such as one being the truthful one at all times. ah just to say have you ever noticed in most relationships that involve female and male, the male species is always the lying one, wow amazing, that was just my observation lets all love one another as love is so kind to us lets be kind to one another as well, be blessed and be a blessing


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