Purposeful Love


Most of the times people often say what they do not mean, we have people saying things like i love you far above what you think, oh is that right? if you can love someone far above your love capabilities don’t you think that you are just living in overdraft? let me be frank for a bit, no matter how sweet or sower your relationship may be i love you is not the word to make it more sweeter or get you out of trouble. I hit the nerve right there and i know i did, a lot of us think that when we say i love you, we get what we want, we have used that word i love you as a phrase to get us what we believe we can have from either opposite/same sex people. Love has a purpose and its purpose is not to get but give, if all of us in our relationships try to love for the sake of love not in expectation we all will enjoy each other as lovers not traders, a lot of us are like traders in the stock market in our relationships, stop expecting start to give expectation to someone start loving with a purpose. be blessed and be a blessing


3 thoughts on “Purposeful Love

    • Thank you Rocky Road for your comment which i so value, so much and i believe that my blog is helping you as a person as well as a leader/businessperson. Personally i learn every single day as i blog and i am such inspired if you are getting the gist of my blog. lets all work towards success and be a success story


      Edwin Mathe

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