Forceful Peace


Despite what we see and believe in, peace is a must and there are no forces that fight against peace that can be left idle, it is then that when we negotiate for peace there are options that we have to look at as leaders/governments. Our governments have in this generation forgotten the power that people have and have then forgotten such people in the negotiations for peace, people make the whole peace equation, so all our leaders need to know that the action to make peace a reality is working with the masses. Despite military power, despite billions invested in combat battles there is no greater price for peace than dialogue, such dialogue need to be with the masses first before coming to the table as leaders to negotiate for peace, if the masses are not with your idea of peace then forceful means will never change the power of the people, the force for peace lies with the masses not in war.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the US general outlining options for Syria


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