Settled Peace


We are a people, we have our differences, yes our differences are meant to make us unique and stronger together, at most times when heat is much in the direction of those that may have been far from it, they begin to shift but those that where already in the heat makes it more funny to them why others are shifting/moving away. Peace is a factor for every benefactor, peace is like a crown the noble and willing gets it, peace is a born with thing that’s why one has to go through such a process to negotiate it. Leaders and governments today are busy trying to eradicate what could help them in the negotiations for peace, peace is about making those that are enemies allies towards building humanity, we have had our differences far too long and is it not time that our differences need to work for us in favor of peace? Peace is calmer in our shores and the masses truly know how to negotiate for settled peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Israel needing to free Palestinian prisoners for peace negotiations to resume 20/07/13


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