Consistent Love


There are times in my life i feel like giving up on the love issue, has anyone ever felt like that? it is normal in life that experiences in life turn you to think that love is the issue, when in the actual fact we as people are an issue. May i just help someone who is about to give up on love, love is a beautiful thing if you make it beautiful, poison that you want to drink right now is not about love but about someone who disappointed you in the name of love, listen this person no matter who he/she is did what they did in the name of love but not in love. My friend, my brother, my sister, my mother and my father love is a consistent thing its available to you even at that deadly hour, it is available to you even at that golden hour, so why do you cry over someone’s disappointment you still have your life to live, yes you have your heart to mend and live a great life in love not in the name of love, i know the toughest thing to do right now is forgive while you are carrying that bottle/powder to try and extinguish yourself out of this world, just take time put the bottle/powder down forgive yourself first and start healing those wounds believing that love in its form will not hurt you but people will in the name of love. Hope i have done the best in maintaining your level of faith in love and from now on you should live in love be constantly visiting your forgiveness gym, keep fit in your healing exercise, visit the love laboratory stay in it OK not outside of it and all this love surely will be in you, and both of you will form a consistent relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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