Protest for Peace


We are so ahead in the battle against all the pain inflicting pirates in the world, however peace seems to be far fetched from our leaders and governments, time and time again the masses become the minority on the negotiation table for peace. Politicians have taken the power that has been given to them by the masses and use it against the same people, voted into power by the masses and the same masses become your nonsense, ridiculously as it seems our people today crave for peace and the reason why our governments are in place such a people believed in your abilities to bring them peace. What happens today when such a belief is betrayed and such peace that they hoped for becomes a tool to suppress them, leaders of today understand in more human kindness that the protest for peace is the only road for the people and the governments to forge a way ahead to making peace a reality in our lifetime so why murder and butcher those that protest for peace? Peace is the best way forward let us all opt for such peace as it is the only way the world can recognize our unity in it.

Edwin Mathe in Response to a BBC article on Protesters short dead in Kashmir 18/07/13


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