Flawless Love


As rich as we are as people and as much as we believe in whatever we believe in, we are destined for the greatest aspects in life that bring happiness and joy in our relationships and homes. A home that is not welcoming is not a home, a home that is even hated by its incumbents becomes no home, yes we have such in our lives we become those people that do not want to do anything with anyone, our love is lost because of what we are all going through. We as a people say one thing and we do not mean it, i have in the past few days said things that i feel if i could change them in the name of love id change them for the better, may i say love does not take revenge and love is not just based on what we say but on what we do. Love can be more flawless if only we do more than what we say, act more on what we say than just more of what we say, love one another as Christ loved the church, be blessed and be a blessing


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