Penned Success


A lot of us have been thinking of big ideas and the reason why they do not materialize is that you share them with the wrong people, remember there are three types of people in life that make up the three Cs in your life. You have comrades, confidants and constituents, may i just tell you as a businessmen/women, entrepreneur and leader once you master these three types of people in your life you will find yourself successful at all times, this is because all of the other two may just be there for just a season and you do not have to share with them your long term vision. Now that is why maybe we have not been successful telling comrades our visions, yet comrades are just in this because they also fighting the same cause with you, success lies in your hands and its you that has to make it work and its your choice who has your vision and make sure they are tuned in to what you believe in, this is a signature of success yet i call it penned success


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