Eminent Peace


There is nothing in life that satisfies as being free and doing what one feels like doing, that is peace right there, a lot of leaders and governments have thought of the peaceful solutions late and when they do masses would have suffered a big blow. Humanity today suffer not because there is no peace, humanity suffer because negotiators of peace do not understand what they are negotiating. Once leaders and governments start to understand the power of peace and what it represents for the masses then the table of negotiating for peace would be like the one for breakfast in the morning, it will be like the one for lunch in the noon day and it will indeed be like the dinner table in the evening. World over there is no repairs to be done on peace if war weapons are still repaired in other countries where peace is needed, leaders and governments who initiates the repair of peace with weapons of mass destruction?, may i just voice my opinion and say peace can not be as long as weapons that pose a threat to humanity are still repaired in our shores and no one to repair peace. Peace is such eminent once we address the repair of it.

Edwin Mathe in response to both BBC articles, one on Cuban arms seized on a North Korean ship and the Syrian conflict regarded as the worst since Rwanda 1994


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