Wise Success


Success can not be termed as weak neither can it be termed as strong however the judgement you you give on success is your own definition to it, it is however that most businessmen/women have lost the edge to succeed all because they have been let down so many times and they think their product or idea is not wanted out there. May i just encourage someone here listen if you have tried 20 times you have not tried because there are some ahead of you who have tried 50 times and are still trying, if you tried 40 times and you are tired, tell you what there are 100 people ahead of you who have tried and are still trying, so success does not get tired of you, you get tired of it because you gave up. Do not give up in what you believe in baby do whatever it takes to make it work disappointments should wake you up more, disappointments need to make you raise up earlier than yesterday to try that idea, wake up businessmen/women, leader and entrepreneur wake up you have been disappointing far too long its not time to give up its time to succeed and your time is now. That to me sounds like wise success


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