Splendid Love


Love is such a beauty men and women have spoilt this beauty, we are always wanting to experiment with what we do not have an idea on, most of us are suffering in their relationships because of ignorance and the spirit of wanting to be the head in a headless relationship. Have you ever imagined a chicken that has been cut its head trying to run around there is chaos everywhere, such is the love we have for one another in today’s world chaos. Our definition of love has turned us to haters bit by bit every day, we fail to say simple words like sorry, only four words that can change the cause of how we view our relationships. Love is splendid there is nothing better than Love, it has all the good in it. All good words in it giving you and i a way to respect and care for one another, why are we in chaos yet love is this splendid?. Hoping you never find this message judgmental but having the joy to bring about the best in us as humanity, be blessed and be a blessing


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