Frozen Peace


The world today is at loggerheads as to how to obtain the most precious commodity in humanity, they have tried war tactics to get to the negotiating table for peace, and this has cost the world trillions of lives to date. Our leaders have tried nuclear weapons to get the best of the peace pie, this has today left an effect that causes such governments to be hated by its own, so the ideal of peace is not somewhere near to our governments, frozen from sight but available with the masses. Either frozen assets or liquid assets this will not stop the table of peace being rolled, our leaders aught to recognize that fame is not the best way of negotiating peace but those that are rarely on those television sets are the most valuable peace negotiators of our time, peace is common with the masses unless and until we learn how to negotiate for peace with the grassroots people then peace is like ice that needs to be broken, frozen peace is harder to dissolve than solid peace. Peace must be at all times, for only we ourselves are the only true negotiators of it.

Edwin Mathe in response to the BBC Article on the frozen assets of the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood leaders 14/07/13


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