Passionate Love


Its such a surprising thing that a lot of us have fallen in a trap or a prank as some may say it, a lot of us do not know that we have fooled ourselves in thinking that we are in love, yet we are in sympathy. Most of us are in relationships and think that they are doing each other a favor, this is how i mean, practically when one earns a lot more in money than the other and are materially better than the other, the one with more possessions and a better earning power thinks they have the power to control the relationship. Most of our relationships suffer at this phase because it turns out that the relationship is now based on sympathy than love, hence a lot of us are chocking in relationships. The passion to love in dead in human life today, yet we have the passion to display what we have and how we can use such to our advantages in our relationships, may i just say love is the most passionate being that has ever existed whether you have or you do not have. Love is always there and its passion the same. What is your relationship like? is it love based with passion or sympathetic based? hoping you find out where you stand and believe that you are not judged by this message, let us just enjoy this passionate love for us to make a better world go more round, be blessed and be a blessing


2 thoughts on “Passionate Love

    • Hie thank you for your comment which i so value so much, i do my best to keep up with the best things that we can archive in life and love once again thank you, if by any means you are into poetry try my poetry book that is available in both kindle and paper format, it can be bought from and the title of the book is Historical Echoes

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