Unavoidable Love


With many people today displaced and nearly doing almost everything to satisfy egos, men and women the same do almost everything to stand on ego than love. We have turned our egos into boosting our quench for individualism, one may say i am my own person, yet the other may say no one can ever say anything to me as what i say and do is right. The principle is simple if by any means was what you say or do is right how come in most of your times you end up alone? just a question needing an answer but for another day, may i just pick this up and say no matter what you do and how you do it without love you are just empty, love is not just a feeling it is beyond feeling its just an expression of power. Power can not be avoided no matter who you are, such is love, love is power it is unavoidable, believing this may have opened up your eyes and your heart to have experienced this un avoidable love, be blessed and be a blessing


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