Persistent peace


Tribal wars and tribal conflicts have made tradition abandon the most likelihood of peace, peace is on the sidelines yet we claim we are for peace, how can we advocate for something that we as leaders and governments have put on the side rails. Leaders and governments have all in the same way forgotten about their responsibilities on matters that lead to peace, tradition have played a lot in our human endeavors of archiving peace, a lot of our governments and leaders have thrown the peace agreements aside deserting the masses and opting for traditional means to reinforce their gains. May this be addressed in this manner that no tradition forbids one in their normal sense to the access of education on matters that will for definite be en-rout to peace. Peace has to be negotiated in all aspects and let peace determine our future for as persistent as we are as grassroots people our governments and leaders peace is also responding to our persistence.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on Malala the Pakistani girl who was short by the Taliban, who addresses the UN in New York 


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