The wave of Love


There has been a lot of confusion in most relationships, most people travel for miles and miles looking for better love, may i say its not about the location of where you are that changes your relationship aspirations, it is the belief that love is there and it is a solid foundation to your relationship. Most of us are surely confused because when we enter in relationships we do not exactly know what we really want in those relationships, even in families there is that confusion, one may love more and the other may love less, maybe i should say today the most common word used is like and that simplifies the whole issue. We are liking too much than loving, let me define the wave length of love, love does not keep the record of wrongs, love cares, love gives and forgives, love dwells where peace abides, love is kind. All this massive wave is not found in liking, liking is as this, i like ice cream i eat it any which way i like, i am never going to be kind on it because i have factors that influence me to eat it, well that being said i believe you and i have experienced such a beautiful wave of love be blessed and be a blessing


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