Ongoing Fight For Peace


Peace is more silent when the war against it is wedged, we are a people and we are entitled to our own views and our opinions, it is however that we often forget the most important part in life which is any remorseful and peaceful means to peace. Most governments and leaders have failed to negotiate peace in an honoring way hence putting the lives of grassroots people in shear danger. When we negotiate for peace we have to understand its meaning and know that we have to honor peace and respect it as it is the solid foundation of making a lasting agreement between the grassroots people and the leaders/governments. Peace is tailored to meet the demands of both governments and the people, the will of the people is more essential in negotiating for peace, despite nuclear weapons, bombs, guns and knives, the ongoing fight for peace lies with the people we the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Egypt saga were the ousted president Morsi supporters say they will fight on 11/07/12


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