Figure of Success


I have traveled so many times in my travels there has been this mind that i have had and in most of my travels i marvel at the ideas i have. This at times makes me wonder why do these ideas not come when i am in my home at least having a cup of coffee and a biscuit or some muffin, yes that is the same as success, success can not be figured out by the weak in mind a lot of us think and think, yet in our thinking we do not produce any result, may i just hit out on an entrepreneur/businessmen/women as well as a leader. The reason why your ideas do not work is not the way you implement them, it is the way you think them, a lot of us do not go back to the original plan when the improved plan fails, that is the only way that you can figure out where you have gone wrong by going back to the original plan. This if i get it right i call the figure of success with all the great level of ingredients.


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