Unristricted Love


Most of our times we are a people that are just moving, and we are more restricted by things that has nothing to do with love, love is the greatest and strongest current in human life, we are a people governed by love but our principles in life has made us change completely from our governor which is love. We tend not to work in the way that love is prescribed and in the direction of love, there are so many factors that deny us our rights of  not being in conjunction with the governance of love in our relationships, we act in sympathy than love in a true way. Most of us are in relationships because of sympathy than love, we are sympathizers to one another not lovers. How are you doing in yours? are you a sympathizer or a lover? truly, that indeed will determine your restrictions in love, love is a pillar and it does not restrict no one but someone who is you and i restrict ourselves to Love. I do repent from my actions that have been against my governance of love and i adopt the un-restrictive measure of love. Be blessed as you also may love to take such a step in your relationship above all be a blessing


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