Undiscovered Success


Christopher Columbus is said to be the men that discovered America i may say yes and i may be in doubt and say no, how strong that observation is i do not know and i believe whoever came up with it knew for definite that for sure the man discovered America. As the myth of an American discovery it is such as success who discovers it is up to that being believing in their discovery and establishing themselves in that discovery. Success can be discovered by anyone, however a lot of us discover it and do not establish it as discovered that is the reason why a lot of us are said to be poor. We are not poor because we do not discover it is because we are not useful in our discovery. Success is to be discovered and if you do you have to establish yourself in it. See now that i call undiscovered success


2 thoughts on “Undiscovered Success

    • Thank you Fola sorry for the late reply just been busy here and there doing almost everything i can to keep up with my blog, thank you for re-blogging my blog i believe it may have made a difference in your coaching, may i take this opportunity once-more to thank you for the support, if by any means you may love my services as maybe to come and speak at one of your organised sessions feel free to email me and we can indeed make this world a success through those that we touch in our messages.

      Thanks and lots of love

      Edwin Mathe, we are all born in success, so lets all do our best to live in it

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