Vision of Love


Today most of us end up in relationships that are so difficult and challenging, such relationships that we start end up involving love not being the best word to use in describing our relationships. Most women have in this time and age shocked me in relationships, as this is so common to hear, he is not the guy i am intending to marry because we are two different people/he is not my type of guy. Can i ask you a question? when you were born in your family where you say you love your brother/sister you are all 5/6/7 different people but because you are born in one family you live together, so now what is the difference now with your relationship, he is meant to be different so that you can incline in what you are also different from him, together make a relationship. Love has got no boundaries yet we keep boundaries to ourselves, this is a true vision of love. I be live this may have enlightened your eyes for a bit be blessed and be a blessing


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