The Perfect Men


A man is a leader in all areas of his life, a man has also been called a lot of names, names come because of the equipment men carry. If a man did not carry such threatening equipment he will only be called darling to everyone he meets and deals with. I want to speak to a man today, i want to speak to a man that has been perfected by what he is made of, most man are failing in life yet they think they are making it, in their homes they have ruins yet they think that they are reigning. Yes its one of those Mondays that we encourage one another as man that there is a week ahead of you full of challenges and those challenges are bound to weigh you down as a man. This week i declare in your life as a man that whatever it is which is challenging you God has your back and whatever it is that you are facing its only temporal and it is in preparation for that which is perfect. Remember that when the pefect comes, and that which is part perfect will be done away with, and a perfect man in you is born. Be blessed in your tribulations and be a blessing

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you that we are men equipped for a better world


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