Taste of Success


Success is often described in many forms some think its the way one looks and some think it is the what one drives/the kind of car that one drives, may i just say, all that you are and what you drive does not define success, what defines success is what you have in thought what you do on a day to day basis to achieve the best and maintaining the best that you are. Most of us achieve things so that we prove a point and that is not success at all it is tasting teasing, we tease our friends and families thinking that we are successful, success deals with maintaining what you start both within you and within the community that you serve, what you are known for and what that brings to those that you aim to impact that is success. Microsoft Corporation is a success story that is a taste of success because it is maintained at high levels at all times, so what do you taste as success entrepreneur/businessmen/woman above all leader?


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