Long road to Peace


Power hungry leaders and governments are the plague that makes peace in all our societies a doubt and not evident, peace can not be negotiated as long as there is a motive that is not centered on the will of the people. People suffer a strain to get those that they elect into power to do as they have promised in their manifestos, as such people campaign for power, peace becomes their manifesto agenda like butter on bread. Leaders and Governments promise people bread and butter when they want their votes, yet when they are in government those promises of bread and butter issues become irrelevant as they enjoy the luxuries of power, peace can not be negotiated while those that initiated it which are the people are still deprived of it. As it is, there is still a long way to go in negotiating peace in its fullest, such a long road that may cost generations a lot if not more resources than what we are spending now, may i stand to be part of those that travel this road to peace with the purpose of achieving it not for the luxuries of the journey, do you want to be part of it as a leader or do you want to enjoy the luxuries of the journey?

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC Article on Doubts over the appointment of a Prime Minister in Egypt


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