Resistant Peace


The power of the people is the power of each individual leader, a lot of leaders and governments miss the mark and take all the power that the people entrust them and use it against them. Once you take what has been entrusted to you and try and use it against those that entrusted you with you will surely loose it. Peace is negotiated with all that leaders and governments have because they themselves do not have the power to peace, leaders and governments are only office bearers and the people own the offices these leaders bare. Peace therefore is like a garment that comes with the office that one occupies, as a garment it is so white and it need to be protected from stains, it is however that most leaders have tarnished the color of peace in their offices. The color of their garments to which the people gave to them as clean and white they have tuned to red/scarlet resisting what the people want and have given, peace is resistant to the powers that are against the will of the people.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the Army of Egypt allowing peaceful protests 05/07/2013


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