Morale of Love


A lot of people have lived in relationships that they do not understand because they are holding on to the embarrassment of what that relationship may cause once it comes to an end. We are so confused and are day by day living in more confusion making our lives so vulnerable to all the troubles that relationships may bring, Love in a relationship is the best piece of assert every relationship has to have. Understanding the morale of Love is the most secretive thing that we often miss in our relationships, what motivates our relationship, what levels do we want our relationship to reach? above all what do we as individuals want from such a relationship. If ego is the best achievement that you may want in a relationship may i just say to you that, the relationship that you are trying to build is just dead before it is built, the best way in life is understanding the ethics and morale of love that is just a simple way to enjoying the best in a relationship, be blessed and be a blessing


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