Forces of Peace


We have often cried for the best that this world can offer and what this world can offer is never satisfactory to us and our nations, peace on the other hand demands that we all be equal and resolve our differences amicably. Are we all trading of peace levels? are we all walking towards peace gates? how far are we to seeing peace? all these questions may have different answers as they may bare a different meaning to peace, the further we drift from peace is the further we ignore the will of the people, Governments and leaders have been elected by the people and once the people are not pleased with a certain issue isn’t the government supposed to get time to fix it? its a shame that we try to resolve peace transactions with egocentric minds, Peace is the most patient aspect of life hence we as humanity have to respect such forces of peace and give our leaders a chance to make peace a commodity that we all enjoy.

Edwin Mathe in response to the BBC article on the President of Egypt being ousted by the army 04/07/2013


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