Kind Love


So much you have faced in life that you end up not knowing the right ways of doing things, a lot of us base our lives in our past, we have been so hurt that we tend to ignore things that may help us. We are a people that have turned numb we think that life and love have become enemies we can not deal with, pardon me friend may i just echo one sentiment to you, love is kind to you at all times its the way that you treat yourself towards it that makes love and life look so unkind. You know what you want in a man/woman its there in front of you yet you decide to want what exactly is the same thing as you, may i tell you guys/girls/ married folk/ and my fellow single friends you do not look for a relationship based on what the other person’s likes and practicalities are like yours, because if love was to be based on such there could be duplicates of one man and woman with same likes, same interests and same taste of things. I wonder i hear people say this relationship will never work because we are two different people, yes woman/ man its a relationship that means two different people enter in a relationship in order to know each other, that is why you think so long you cant find Mr/Mrs right and if you are married you think that the one you are married to was a mistake. Love is kind and it always will be kind to you, be blessed and be a blessing


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