Defiant Peace


Sometimes what we often believe in, is not what others believe in, what we share is not what others share, our opinions may not exactly be the same as other peoples. This makes us unique in a way and that is a human right for one to be unique,  peace at all times makes sure despite our differences it is the lamp and light to justice, equality and progress. The will of the people make peace,  despite what we believe in as leaders, come out clean when you leading the people that elected you just work with their demands and work with them, yes people may not know what they want but what they do not want affect you and their lives. The road to peace is traveled by those that work with humanity and walk with the grassroots we can only negotiate peace only if we deal with issues affecting those that we lead.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on President Barack Obama’s reactions to the Egypt Crisis 03/07/2013


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