Unrestricted Love


Love is not just so common in humanity anymore, when a neighbor would come and have tea or coffee at your house when you could also have time to visit your neighbor in their house that was the evidence of love, love was not restricted it had no limits because we understood its meaning. What has happened to the world? what happened to love? Relationships have turned into war zones, countries can not sit and work out a simple plan to keep people loving each other, Fathers are no longer fathers they are turned monsters, yes as sad as this may sound love is the answer if we allow the principles of love to govern in all our lives then and i say then can we have that society back, love trusts, love gives, love forgives, love is kind, love is patient, love does not seek its own/love is not selfish, these are just simple principles of life and they in turn make love, lets all love one another so our world can have the best for the future, be blessed and be a blessing


2 thoughts on “Unrestricted Love

    • Indeed we out to just love you know, thank you again for your comment it is well valued by myself and the team right here on my blog its amazing to love and be loved you know once again thank you for your comment which i personally value so much and i believe together as we love one another we can make a difference in the world


      Edwin Mathe

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