Best Sucess


What you name as best may be not what you aim for, a lot of us may have settled for less yet they consider it to be best, we are authors of success in every sphere of our being. I have just seen entrepreneurs, businessmen/women as well as leaders loose their thinking and ideas because they think a change is needed, you best success is based on your original plan so stick to it make it work, don’t think it will not work. Most of us quit when we are still in the game, quit the game if you want to quit do not be present with players yet you have quit the game. So what idea have you changed to suit the needs of others not your needs? don’t interpret this statement wrongly your business plan can not change because your friend says it will not work, when you invested time to it you believed it will work you did not have anyone’s opinion why do you want it when you are nearing the end? best success is based on the original plan, do you have the original plan?


3 thoughts on “Best Sucess

    • Thank you for your comment which i value and greatly appreciate. Thank you ever so much your comment is valuable to me and lets keep up the world going in inspiring one another in every area of success.


      Edwin Mathe

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