Love Undiluted


Most of the times we are sad because of our feelings, we enter into relationships because of how we feel, may i just shock just a few of you right there, if you think how you feel about someone is love just re-consider the term love because your feelings do not define love that is why its called a feeling, love on the other hand is when you give the best even though the best seem not to be there, knowing of the welfare of the other despite how you feel, Love is based more in the practical proof than in the emotion, how many times have you shown that you are in other people’s interests if you feel like you have nothing to gain, that is the product of love right there being able to be there at someone’s well being even if you know for the fact that you do not have nothing to gain, how many of us do we end relationships and still call those that we had relationships sweet names? if you are among those i tell you truly like Jesus that hung on that tree despite the pain he felt still had sins that he knew was not his but yours and mine, continued to suffer more for you and i to get that love aspect right. Lets all be wise and understand this great concept of love as we strive for the best in our lives, be blessed and be a blessing


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