Characterized Man


As a men thinketh so is he, i did not write that, that is in the bible i was not present when the bible was written yet that statement characterizes a lot of men today. We have men that think laziness will bring stuff on the table they believe that worrying of useless things will guarantee success in their families, men yes men i am here shouting on top of my voice start building your character as you do so you are building the character of the society you live in, stop start thinking and start building your own character and you will see your family, your wife, your children, your peers they will start aligning their purposes for your own good. Character character, men men men, your character is the most influential perfume that you wear just a recap of the most famous verse in the Bible Psalms 23: He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies, he anoints my head with oil my cup runs over, men listen he prepares your character to withstand the presence of your enemies, he anoints your head which is your character and your family, your friends, your business, your associates they shall be in abundance, character men your character.

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you that we are men characterized and equipped for a better word


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