An Eye On Peace


Most of the time we have sat on comfortable seats and forget the ground to which we all sat in the beginning of our transformation, we sit around the tables and forget the ground to which we all began tilting our ideas from, we write and sign treaties forgetting the number of trees that produced the paper and ink that we waste. However it is not about the waste neither the suffering of tree extinction that the worry is on, it is to the ground to which we allow peace to be negotiated on. Leaders and governments forget that as soon as you are sword in office peace has not stabilized, peace have just started, our negotiations for peace are the identifications of possible threats towards it. When peace is found please do negotiate more to keep it, peace is a must at all times and there is not time that peace is not necessary.

Edwin Mathe in response to a BBC article on the outspread of the Anti Government protests in Egypt 01/07/13


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