Tidal Peace


The wave of peace is just like a strong current that can hit at any time, peace makers are the people and their leaders, however we as people put our beliefs first, above peace. We can not make our minds to talk peace when our beliefs are different, we have to strongly work on our beliefs in order for peace to reign. We are ambassadors of peace and in peace our beliefs need to show what peace we all believe in, neither denomination nor religion has power over the negotiation for peace, peace is free and fare for all religion, peace is free and fare for all denomination, that indeed is a tide of peace.

Edwin Mathe in response to the BBC article on Syria war exerting Strain on Lebanon 27/06/1013

Uncompromising Men


A lot of men have a weakness, such a weakness that make them compromise their values in life, i was born deprived of opportunities life could give, yet my resilience and power of wanting better makes me not the one that you can say is wealthy, neither the one you would say is rich but have both in me. This i did because i lay down my principles that i was never ready to compromise, men today have compromised their values and have lived some people’s lives men live your life stop compromising, the church/our businesses/our families crush because we have compromised aspects of our ministries/businesses lets all be good fathers/leaders/business people that are of uncompromising nature.

As iron sharpens iron

This is Edwin Mathe, reminding you that we are man that are equipped for the best in our world

Applied Success


Success is when your ideas work out in the midst of trouble, whenever we are troubled we think nothing else than survival, today i am here to talk to businessmen/women and entrepreneurs, you life long dream to success is not guaranteed by your effort but your determination to do, a lot of us are in small scale businesses because our minds settle for effort, yes you have put an effort to be where you are but that is not the end you have to work more and much further, success is the application of your mind in advance in future if i can put it plainly. What i am saying to you is that your idea of that business does not end when that shop is open, there is more to your business success than just it standing in the place where you put it, think more, think if what you want your business to become, think yes think start dreaming in the process that i call applied success

Love with no limits


A lot of times you have been crying you have been wondering what you have done wrong, may i just be of help today, a lot of us think that when we love we have to reserve a space for disappointment, yes indeed it may be a good philosophy of life, but here is one wake up call, love is got no limits its either you love whole hearten or you are just in the liking business, when you love there is no space for disappointment because love on its own does not disappoint we are the people that get disappointing in it. The reason why we get disappointing is that you implement your own rules in the love that has already got its rules, so when your rules don’t work in love you get disappointing and start to get heartaches so see now love has got no limits but you limit it yourself, so lets know what limits us in our relationships be blessed and be a blessing

A stain of Peace


A lot of the times peace can be valued as a none essential commodity, thus because of the egos we have as leaders/governments. We are so shy to understand the Formalities of peace hence we have stained our negotiations by pointing fingers at each other. The resolution to peace rest with men and men has to rest within means of peace, rest can not be assured when peace is not yet achieved our philosophies of life should not make us avoid the greater strength in human life which stands at peace. Our dialogues on peace has to encounter the best in action to obtain such a principle as vital as peace is, may we all live not to stain the attributes of peace in regard of our own prestige and egos, world over peace can not be shortened neither can it be trimmed, its the best quality we can all commit to have.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on a comment by Susan Rice the vacating US ambassador to the UN 

Motivation of Success


The more one works towards something good and great the more smaller the world make you feel, it is at this point that you should know that success is at hand. A lot of us feel like we are living in a strange world when we are told that we are too ambitious, may i enlighten one entrepreneur/businessmen/woman you ideas are not based on someone else opinion, a lot of us have lost successful ideas because your girl/the one that you believed loved you told you that you are not credible to do it, let me fuel you my brother, my sister, my mother and father success is about believing in what no one believes in, believing and dreaming dreams no one has dream, your dream motivates you to success so dont stop dreaming start succeeding

The mandate of Love


A lot of us think that we owe it to our friends and family to tell them what we are up to and what we have done, a lot of us mistake sharing secrets to love, love has not secret yes but it shares the bend into secrecy, a lot of us believe that loving is being quiet even if you are burning inside thus we see people in the world end up committing murders and suicide all because of ignorance, ignorance is not love love is not ignorant i believe you and i can love at our best and we do our best to love one another in the same manner that we want to be loved back. Be blessed and be a blessing