Men’s Vision


A lot of us men have lived a life where you have no vision, you can not see where you are going, most of us have put blame to our parents for our misfortunes. Men its time you have to live in your pain and find strategies to get out of your pain, even in real life once you feel pain you consult a Doctor, such is that heartache that you are going through have a vision know how to cure your pain while looking good believing in good. The best way to overcome your pain is to do good the more you do good the better you feel, remember Jesus Christ of Nazareth he was mocked and maybe been told worse things to degrade him but he went about doing good, be a visionary as a men know what you want and dwell in what you want do at all cost good for the good of the product you want to archive

This is Edwin Mathe reminding you once again that we are Equipped as men for a better world 


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