A stain of Peace


A lot of the times peace can be valued as a none essential commodity, thus because of the egos we have as leaders/governments. We are so shy to understand the Formalities of peace hence we have stained our negotiations by pointing fingers at each other. The resolution to peace rest with men and men has to rest within means of peace, rest can not be assured when peace is not yet achieved our philosophies of life should not make us avoid the greater strength in human life which stands at peace. Our dialogues on peace has to encounter the best in action to obtain such a principle as vital as peace is, may we all live not to stain the attributes of peace in regard of our own prestige and egos, world over peace can not be shortened neither can it be trimmed, its the best quality we can all commit to have.

Edwin Mathe in relations to a BBC article on a comment by Susan Rice the vacating US ambassador to the UN 


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