The Mantle of Success


Success is not about those that want stuff there and then, its for processed minds, minds that think, minds that can make things work, just to say success is not for idle minds, success is for working minds. Question to you as a businessman/woman whats in your mind today achievement or a mood that makes you feel like it is not your day, tell you what? yes it is not your day because you have missed it in your mood to succeed today, success is like a paid employee baby its on the payroll it cant have a mood it wants to get paid, it should get paid with your ideas, how they will work its up to you to determine, for what they work on its your choice, but success showed up at work. I am ready for success paycheck and i will pay him/her depending on how you refer to success, what wages are you paying into your success? this above all is your mantle of success


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