Honor of Peace


A lot of us as leaders have failed to influence decisions that make masses understand us as leaders, our decisions need not to be based on selfish ambitions that boost our egos but decisions that make peace a mandate, peace is not like prize money that it has to be competed for. Leaders and governments in today’s world think that peace is manipulation, manipulation to stipulate what they think and believe is what people want and at the end of it all make peace like prize money wanting the masses to compete for it. Leaders and governments let us learn to make peace an affordable commodity for every old man/women, every men/women and child so the world may learn to live in peace not competing for it we are the leaders our people that we serve deserve the best from us lets give peace a chance, lets honor it with a noble prize negotiation with the ones that we lead so together we archive the highest honor the honor of peace.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on the Brazil Unrest 21/06/2013


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