Solid Love


Most of the time we fight and in most cases one gives up on the other, the result of this ends up being one does not communicate with the other for reasons best known to themselves, it is however that solid love solidifies relationships. Love is like a pact when ever you are in an argument remember the reason you are in that relationship is love so what love asks of both of you should be valued in the heat of an argument, remember for love to be solid it has its characteristics, it is kind, it is respectful, it gives, it never seeks its own motives/it is not selfish, it is patient. Let me stop right on that note and open your eyes a bit the reason why you are arguing right now/you keep arguing check one of you or both of you are not patient with each other, well i am not a judge neither do i want to judge you hence love that you are in that relationship for says it is patient. Be blessed and be a blessing


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