City of Peace


A special place for peace is within us as humanity, a special place for peace for our generation is in dialogue, our young and old die and all the bloodshed is said to be for peace, the price for peace is dialogue, leaders today and governments do not want to pay just a simple price of peace by engaging, engaging in dialogues with the people/grassroots people they lead. The dialogues that we have are often the dialogues for destruction, on one hand we are building this beautiful city of peace on the other we are suspecting one another of embezzlement of funds to build this city, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, who are the designers of such? if one may ask who is the super power? and if a grassroots person answers and say who cares, as long as all of us are super powers in dialogue of negotiating peace then we eradicate all these unnecessary words and creations. The city of Peace is within humanity and that is where it is based and built.

Edwin Mathe in relation to a BBC article on Benghazi Clashes 15/06/13


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